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The course will review the scientific basis and principles of softening, lime softening (hot, warm, including sludge disposal), strong acid exchange (SAC), weak acid exchange (WAC), ion exchange, boiler feed water chemistry (including once through steam generator…

Combustion Engineering

Combustion Engineering (C-E) was a multi-national American-based engineering firm and a leader in the development of both fossil and nuclear steam supply power systems in the United States with approximately 42,000[10] employees worldwide. Originally headquartered in New York City, C-E moved its corporate offices to Stamford, Connecticut in 1973. C-E owned over three dozen other companies ...


Home; KERN RIVER STEAM FLOOD DOUBLES OIL PRODUCTION. Jeff Jones, Michael McWilliams, David Sturm Santa Fe Energy Resources Inc. Bakersfield, Calif. Santa Fe Energy Resources Inc.'s aggressive ...

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A well-operated field can have steam-generator downtime as low as 5%. Steam distribution. After steam leaves the generators, it is transported and distributed by pipelines to steam injectors. This pipeline network is generally insulated to reduce heat loss and to provide safety for the people working in the area.


Power Generation. IST has been finding a better way to recover and utilize lost gas turbine heat for the Power Gen industry for 20 years. Using our Once Through Heat Recovery Steam Generators (OTSG)...

History of Power: The Evolution of the Electric Generation

The 1950s and 1960s were characterized by more technical achievements to improve efficiency—including construction of the first once-through steam generator with a supercritical main steam pressure.

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Steam is an essential element in the energy supply system. Siemens offers steam generation based on Benson® once-through technology or drum-type heat recovery steam generators; both in vertical as well as in horizontal configuration.

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Oct 11, 2011 · The first Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG) was rolled out of the Special Technical Services LLC (STS), Sohar workshop on 25th September'11. This was the first of the Seven 85 MMBTU skid mounted steam …


In a SAGD application, as is well known in the art, steam produced by the prior art once-through steam generator is directed into oil-bearing ground to enhance recovery of oil therefrom. As illustrated in FIG. 1, a once-through steam generator (“OTSG”) 10 of the …

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Heat Recovery Steam Generators Once Through Steam Generators Enhanced Oil Recovery Waste Heat Boilers ... Nooter/Eriksen Heat Recovery Steam Generators are custom-designed to meet your project-specific needs. Our primary offering is a natural circulation design with horizontal exhaust flow and vertical tube design with internally insulated ...

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Adam Robinson, B&W’s expert on the oil sands industry, answers some of your frequently asked questions. In describing the geology and challenges of the oil sands region, Adam provides a basic overview of the steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) process and how B&W has provided clean and effective technologies for oil extraction and refining.

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Field Heaters—Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery Steam Generators. Clayton Industries has more than 50 years experience in Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery. Clayton Steam Generators were used in the early days of oil recovery in the Central Valley of California and are currently being used around the world.

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PCL Industrial Services, Inc. is the largest steam generator manufacturer in California. The dedicated team has been saving clients millions of dollars in operating costs every year through the design and fabrication of top-quality steam generators.

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There is no drum in the boiler proper. Once through steam generator is composed by many water pipe, the water is fluid in the pipe and heated by fire. Once-through Steam Injected Steam Boilers for Oil Field | Reliable … Advanced structure: Steam an injected boiler is with one-through structure and … oil heater, diesel oil fired thermal oil ...

Steam injection (oil industry)

Steam injection is an increasingly common method of extracting heavy crude oil.It is considered an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) method and is the main type of thermal stimulation of oil reservoirs. There are several different forms of the technology, with the two main ones being Cyclic Steam Stimulation and Steam …

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A “company of firsts,” Struthers Wells is known worldwide for innovations such as developing the first all-welded carbon steel pressure vessel, the first forced circulation thermal fluid vaporizer, and the first Once-Through Steam Generator (OTSG) for enhanced oil …

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The heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) provides the thermodynamic link between the gas turbines and steam turbines in a combined-cycle power plant. ... which are particularly well-suited for heavy fuel oil applications. Horizontal Once-Through Units . The horizontal once-through …

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10/13/2016 · Lakeland is the only post-secondary institution in Western Canada to create an integrated power plant – the Energy Centre – featuring an OTSG (Once …

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4/24/2017 · Steam's energy is converted into mechanical energy by forcing it through a steam turbine. The high pressure of the steam pushes on the many angled blades of the turbine, causing the shaft to rotate. This mechanical energy is converted to electricity by using the power form the rotating shaft to turn an electrical generator.


We have knowledgeable staff ready to assist our clients with their requirements for Once-Through Steam Generators (OTSG) and Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG). TIWW is a 100% privately held Canadian company. We appreciate your interest in our Company and encourage you to take some time to review our website in detail.

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scope: INTRODUCTION: The Wet Steam Generator used in enhanced oil recovery is a forced circulation once-through design. It is also known by many other common names such as thermal recovery heater, oil field heater, etc. The once-through design enables the use of water essentially free of hardness and suspended solids, but of relatively high total dissolved solids.


24th International Tekna Oil Field Chemistry Symposium, Geilo (Norway), March.17-20, 2013) 3. Development of a Fundamental Model for Barium Sulfate ... Forensic Analysis and Interpretation of Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG) Deposits can Assist in System Operational Improvements Glenn Weagle IWC Orlando, FL (November) 7.


Knowledge of industry standards and methods on boiler/once through steam generator de-scaling. Knowledge of water treatment processes, required equipment and associated costs. Knowledge of corrosive effects of water on pipes, fittings and instruments based on parameters such as water quality, temperature, pressure etc and relevant control methods.

Solar Steam Generators for Thermal EOR

As the water passes through the boiler tubes, concentrated sunlight heats the water to generate steam. The steam is fed to the field’s central header and steam distribution network to multiple wells within an oilfield. The solar steam generator has a fully automated control system that enables remote operations from a computer.

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A once-through steam generator including one or more steam-generating circuits extending between inlet and outlet ends thereof and including one or more pipes, the steam-generating circuit having a heating segment at least partially defining a heating portion of the once-through steam generator, and one or more heat sources for generating heat to which the heating segment is subjected.

Development of a Low NOx Burner for Combined Cycle Gas

Paper from the AFRC 2016 conference titled Development of a Low NOx Burner for Combined Cycle Gas Turbine/ Once-Through Steam Generator System: Abstract: New Low NOx gaseous fuel burner designed to operate in co-generation systems for OTSG applications will be presented.

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@article{osti_6470911, title = {Once-through steam generators}, author = {Ali, Farouk S.M.}, abstractNote = {This article describes steam generators of watertube design with special reference to monotube generators. Packaged units of this type are discussed, and application of such a unit to oil field steam …

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Apr 30, 1985 · A method and apparatus for oil field steam production and use. Heated refractory particles are flowed through a steam generator in heat exchange relation with well water to generate steam. In accordance with one aspect of the invention, the steam is flowed into a well to heat oil …

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Struthers Wells is the original designer of the Once Through Steam Generator for application in thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), which has been the standard for the industry for decades. No field …

The Role of Petrophysics in Enhanced Oil Recovery in Brown

The Role of Petrophysics in Enhanced Oil Recovery in Brown Field Development.pdf. The Role of Petrophysics in Enhanced Oil Recovery in Brown Field Development.pdf ... generator, once-through heat ...

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EN-FAB, Inc. is a global leader in the design and fabrication of Enhanced Oil Recovery equipment (EOR), Steam Distribution Systems and Feed and Produced Water Packages. Portable Well Testing Equipment. Proper evaluation of a large producing field with numerous wells requires accurate and frequent well test. Plant Start-up, Operations & Maintenance.

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Source: Steam Generator – Oil Field Class: >50 MMBtu/hr Heaat Input.1. n/d 2. Natural gas fuel or treated SO2 refinery gas w/ <100 ppmv total reduced sulfura 1. 50 ppmv @ 3% O2 Drya. Default boiler/process heater/large water heater and steam generator emission standards.Units. 55 53 ppmvd @ 3% O2. 20 50 ppmvd @ 3% O2.BACT (26 + MMBtu/hr) BACT ...

Adopting an Infrastructure Approach for Produced Water

Oxy decided to increase production to 150,000 bbl/d and include a large-scale steamflood facility for the recovery of approximately 2 Bbbl during the life of the project. The facility needed an integrated water treatment and recycling system capable of sustaining high volumes of boiler feed water to the steam generator …