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Flamingo Industries

Steam Generator. In every industry - Pharma, Dairy, Laundry, Cooking ,Chemical ,Poultry - the Flamingo Combustion technology can reduce fuel costs by 30 % as compared to other conventional heating solutions in the market. The Flamingo Steam generator is available in a wide variety of models suitable for different applications.

Applications|Tokuden UPSS Superheated Steam Generator

Tokuden superheated steam generator UPSS capable of generates ultra superheated steam more than 1200℃, fine steam temperature control accuracy within range of 1℃ and high thermal efficiency up to 95%. Furturemore, feel free to contact us for any sample demostration of steam up to 1000℃.

Heat recovery steam generator

A heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) is an energy recovery heat exchanger that recovers heat from a hot gas stream. It produces steam that can be used in a process (cogeneration) or used to drive a steam turbine (combined cycle

A Stress Corrosion Cracking Evaluation of Inconel 690 for

5/12/2017 · Inconel 690 is an austenitic nickel base alloy that has been considered for use as steam generator tubing in pressurized water reactors. It has a composition comparable to the currently used Inconel 600 apart from a higher chromium content (30%). Inconel 690 was evaluated for stress corrosion cracking (SCC) resistance in deaerated sodium hydroxide solutions and all-volatile treatment (AVT ...

steam generator with wide applications

This is a steam generator for all kinds of applications. It can be used for steam car washing, for household cleaning, for meal cooking, and for high temperature sterilization, etc.. Home Products Steam Car Washer Series Multi-functional Washer C300 High Pressure

OAB Single Phase Models

The OAB ® steam is also suitable for use as utility steam in many applications due to its high energy content. Please stay on this page if the steam generator requirement is below 12 Kg/hr. If the steam generator requirement is greater than 12 kg/hr or has a pressure requirement please click to GHGA Models .

Clean Steam Generator - Spirax Sarco International

Clean Steam Generator The CSM-C 600 Compact unfired clean steam generator provides accurately controlled steam generation utilizing demineralized water services and steam from standard boiler plant. These packaged units are available with a clean steam generation rate (in accordance with HTM2031, HTM2010, CFPP01-01 part C: 2013, and EN285 ...

UPSS Superheated Steam Generator

The UPSS Superheated Steam Generator can generate superheated vapor up to 700°C. It is ideal for use in drying machine parts after cleaning, baking food, sterilizing medical equipment and food containers, and recycling waste plastic.

Steam Generator OR Steam Boiler?

Boilers for superheated steam (thermo-dynamic applications) are never defined as steam generators, even though they often a type of water-tube boilers. The Steam Supply. In steam heating system, the steam boiler (including the steam generator boiler) is connected to the consumers through the steam and condensate piping.

AaquaTools - AaquaSteam Portable Steam Generator

Thus a steam generator is a must-have for sterilization applications. Our electric steam generators make an ideal steam cleaner. They are small and require no venting. High pressure, dry steam is discharged directly into a steam hose and wand for a quick, efficient operation. The saturated steam from our generators can be controlled as to ...

Ni-Based Alloys for Reactor Internals and Steam Generator Applications

For LWR reactor applications, Ni-alloy components in fuel assemblies are only exposed to the reactor environment for relatively short periods of time (up to 4–6 years). In addition, because of the low thermal flux compared with a CANDU reactor, the He generation in the core of an LWR is relatively low during the first 4 years of exposure in the reactor (< 300 appm He).


Click on an application link from the list below for SWASH product information. For information about additional product applications, please contact us at 800-735-9277

Steam generator replacement overview

Steam generator replacement overview. By Harry Chernoff, Science Applications International Corp., and Kenneth Chuck Wade, Energy Information Administration

Mobile Steam Generator

This is a Mobile Steam Generator. The gererated steam could be used in numorous of industries, like washing and ironing , food industry, car industry, biological equipment industry, chemical industry, packaging industry, pharmaceutical industry, cleaning, concrete maintenance, greenhouse culture, bath …

Steam Generator Replacement Parts

Steam Generator. STERIS Steam Generators are designed for fast and efficient sterilization of heat and moisture stable materials used in laboratory, research and healthcare applications. By choosing genuine STERIS OEM replacement parts for STERIS Steam Generators you can be assured that each part is chosen based on the highest quality standards ...

Steam Applications - MHI-INC

Pilot Plant Steam Generator for possible steam reforming, with carbon, bio-products, bio-charcol gassifier or methane and nitrogen for ammonia applications. The steam generators from MHI namely the OAB and HGA devices are very efficient, controllable and Hydratight Nuclear Projects STEAM

Hydratight Nuclear Projects – STEAM GENERATOR APPLICATIONS Client - Station Name (Country) Type and Application Description of tooling/services Year PSE&G – Three Mile Island (USA) Babcock & Wilcox Primary Manway Handhole Multi-Stud Tensioners Load Measurement On-Site Training On-Site Training 2009

Simox low pressure steam generator :Applications

The over-heated steam at high temperatures (170° to 180°) increases its penetration rapidity into the soil and reduces the disinfection time by about 20%, thus reducing costs. Associated with high thermal outputs, our steam generators have the lowest disinfection costs per hectare on the market.

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Steam Greenlight :: Serial Key Generator 6.0

Steam Workshop: Greenlight. Description Serial Key Generator is application created for software developers who want to protect their applications by serial key registration. Just in a few clicks you are able to generate seri

Veit GmbH - Product: steam generator/boiler for industrial applications

Taking SteamGenerators to the next level With their high-quality workmanship, VEIT steam generators/boilers are suitable for non-stop operation in a very wide range of industrial applications. This small electro steam generator/boiler SG 67 is designed for continuous operation in the following industrial applications garment and textiles industry, automotive industry, chemical industry ...

Electric Steam Generators - Electro-Steam Generator Corp

Electric Steam Generators Each one of our electric steam generators is built to ASME code and is available in multiple configurations to serve your industry’s unique needs. If you don’t see what you need in our standard models, contact our team for a custom solution.


Bram-Cor CPSG, pharmaceutical pure steam generator, produces dry, saturated steam, suitable for sterilization of plants, for contact with active ingredients, for parenteral and non parenteral dosage form applications.

Steam Boiler - Definition, Working Principle, Types, and Applications

The applications of this boiler mainly include process steam for industrial, chemical or used as power generator with a steam turbine. The package boiler can be used as a peak-load boiler because of an addition to another power that kicks in while other supplies not succeed.


APPLICATIONS FOR DS STEAM GENERATORS: There is a variety of industries where DIRECT STEAM generators can be used: Precast concrete - curing concrete products (pipes, blocks, etc.) ... At DIRECT STEAM, we are constantly working on new applications, so this list is growing. ...

Application Guide STEAM TURBINES

Application Guide STEAM TURBINES D352219X012 August 2013 Steam Turbines This guide provides an overview of the control valve applications associated with steam turbines. Common applications are highlighted with typical process conditions, application ...

PDF Heat Recovery Steam Generator Applications

HEAT RECOVERY STEAM GENERATOR APPLICATIONS A GLOBAL NEED Insulation can play a significant role in the reduction of heat loss from power plants. Even a small gain in thermal efficiency can save millions of dollars in fuel costs over the life of an installation. The Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) is a demanding environment.

Power and Steam Generation Applications

Mettler-Toledo Thornton has extensive expertise in power applications, with proven capabilities for state-of-the-art measurements of specific and cation (acid) conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, TOC and ORP for make-up water, cycle chemistry and stator cooling.For specific and cation conductivity, THORNTON temperature

Electric Steam Generators, Electric Boilers, Miniature

Electro-Steam has provided companies around the world with safe, efficient, easy-to-use electric steam generators for a very wide range of custom applications, and Steam Cleaning Equipment for food and beverage applications. Please click here and send us your requirements. One of our knowledgeable representatives will respond quickly!

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