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SECTION 235216

SECTION 235216 – FIRE-TUBE CONDENSING BOILERS. ... The heat exchanger shall be constructed of a fully welded 316L stainless steel and of fire tube design. Fire tube shall be of the Wave Fire Tube design and capable of transferring 16,000 to 20,000 Btu’s per tube. The heat exchanger shall be designed for a single-pass water flow to limit the ...

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The ClearFire-CE (CFC-E) is a compact, high-mass, fully condensing hydronic boiler, capable of variable-flow pumping, allowing for maximum operating efficiency in a variety of system applications. The ClearFire ®-CE (CFC-E) is a fully assembled, high-mass firetube condensing boiler with a large-water-volume pressure vessel. The high-mass ...

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because of latent heat of condensation - even though, we are not fully condensing, we are still condensing and when something condenses if gives up the heat that kept it vaporized, eg the discharge from a compressor is to hot to touch, but after one turn through the condenser it can be touched even though it s still mostly vapor at that point ...

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2020/04/22 · Cleaver-Brooks High-Efficiency Condensing Boilers Cleaver-Brooks offers a full line of U.L, and/or CSA Listed high-efficiency condensing boilers. From the ClearFire-C, a compact, vertical down-fired stainless steel fully condensing boiler to the ClearFire-CE, a fully condensing high-mass firetube boiler to the ClearFire-LC, a large capacity boiler …

Purewell Variheat mk2 condensing cast iron boiler

Available in 5 condensing models with outputs (@50/30°C) of 70, 95, 110, 140 and 180 kW. Recently updated cast iron condensing, fully modulating, pre-mix gas fired commercial boiler.

Twister fully room-sealed condensing stainless steel

Twister is a fully room-sealed stainless steel condensing high-efficiency water heater (93% gross). Plug-and-Play technology; connect air inlet, exhaust outlet, water, electricity, and gas, set the temperature and the system functions


With up to 94.6% thermal efficiency, low-NOx emissions and a fully modulating burner, it is the best ”green choice” for today’s environmentally focused market. Five modulating/condensing stainless steel KNIGHT XL boilers are available with 399,000–800,000 Btu/hr inputs and remarkably small space-saving footprints. All are

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Industrial Gas Fired Boilers – Floor Standing – Condensing Boilers – Specifications. Our Industrial Gas Boilers , which are Condensing and can be either natural gas of LPG ( propane ) gas fired benefit from – High efficiency boilers up to 107.1% NCV – meaning higher than average energy savings

Condensing boilers: the final step in boiler savings

8/22/2017 · Condensing boilers. The same strategy is increasingly being deployed in commercial and industrial hydronic boilers. Manufacturers today offer fully condensing hydronic boilers, often used for space or process heating. These use advanced heat exchangers, usually in series, to reduce the temperature of boiler exhaust below the condensing point ...

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Fulton Hot Water/Hydronic Products. Fulton Boiler Company is well known in the water heater/boiler industry as a name you can rely on to deliver the highest levels of performance, durability, and fuel-efficiency, and ATI is proud to facilitate the purchase of their products.

Vitocrossal 300 CA3B Gas Condensing Boiler

Vitocrossal 300 CA3B - Our most powerful gas condensing boiler. With its unique synthesis of proven Viessmann technology and innovative features, the Vitocrossal 300 CA3B takes a bold step forward while retaining the superior Viessmann quality you know and trust.

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P.C. Mckenzie Company is proud to represent the Patterson Kelley line of condensing boilers. P-K MACH® Condensing Boilers. Models: CM300, CM399, CM500, C750 , C900, C1050 , C1500H , C2000H, C2500, C3000, C4000. Dual Fuel. Natural Gas. Liquid Propane. The P-K MACH ® condensing boiler is an ideal choice for a wide variety of commercial and ...

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Fully Condensing – Ultra Efficient The gas-fired Futera Fusion Series brings the field-proven performance of RBI boilers and water heaters to the ultimate levels of efficiency and reliability. Fusion’s innovative design makes it the ideal choice for applications with low …

Hoval Gas condensing boilers

Hoval Gas condensing boilers Hoval has installed in an office complex fully condensing UltraGas® boilers. These boilers support the overall heating system which is one of the most modern systems in the region.

Riello RTC 80 High-efficiency condensing boilers 1000-5500 MBH

Riello RTC 80 High-efficiency condensing boilers 1000-5500 MBH Riello Array boiler featured in June edition of Engineered Systems magazine RLAS 650-800-1000-1200 Riello Array Boiler Specifications Now Available Online on MasterSpec Riello Array Boiler Wins

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An often overlooked factor when comparing condensing boilers with old boilers is to consider the question of open flue vs fan assisted balanced flue. As far as I know, all efficient condensing boilers have a fan assisted balanced flue. The fan assisted balanced flue itself produces a …

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Whether stand-alone or utilized a condensing/non-condensing hybrid multi-unit solution the model FLX boilers can share the load to increase efficiency in a hydronic or steam process. The FLX is designed to handle to minimize thermal stress and provide quick response in a compact unit – field erectable units are also an option.

High Efficiency Gas Boilers

We offer many high efficiency gas boilers including Weil McLain Ultra Boilers, Lochinvar Boilers, Buderus Boilers, Burnham Alpine Boilers, Embassy Boilers, Prestige Solo Boilers, Viessmann Vitodens Boilers, Slantfin Bobcat Boilers, and Ray-2000 Boilers. Additionally, many of the above are condensing boilers.

Condensing Boiler Models

Condensing Boilers Cleaver-Brooks line of ClearFire® boilers offer a completely integrated solution with heat exchanger, premix burner, and energy management controls. The ClearFire line of boilers includes hydronic models available from 400 to 12,000 MBTU in full-condensing and up to 2,400 MBTU in near-condensing hydronic boilers, and 10 to 60 HP commercial steam boilers …

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ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2020 — Boilers The ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2020 designation recognizes the most efficient products among those that are ENERGY STAR certified. These exceptional gas and oil boilers represent the leading edge in energy efficient products this year.

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Vantage (VTG) Fully Condensing Hydronic Boiler Vantage lets you use #2-oil as your backup fuel, including for retrofits, and auto-controls fuel switch-overs for added convenience. It can also be used in natural gas/propane dual-fuel applications.

Condensing boiler

Condensing boilers are water heaters fueled by gas or oil. They achieve high efficiency (typically greater than 90% on the higher heating value) by condensing water vapour in the exhaust gases and so recovering its latent heat of vaporisation, which would otherwise have been wasted.

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Condensing Boilers, Horizontal Three Pass Firetube Hydronic Boilers & Vertical Firetube Hydronic Boilers. Aldrich Company manufactures a full array of hydronic boilers for the commercial heating market, including high efficiency condensing boilers, near-condensing boilers designed to improve energy efficiencies, horizontal firetube boilers and vertical firetube boilers.

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We install High Energy Efficiency, A rated condensing Gas Boilers from major suppliers including Worcester, Bosch, GlowWorm & Baxi Fully RGII Registered Our gas work is carried out by our fully qualified, Registered Gas Installers of Ireland registered, gas installers. We use the latest energy efficient products and take pride in our excellent ...

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May 15, 2014 · Hence, the name condensing gas boiler. The other facet contributing to the high efficiency of condensing gas boilers is the combustion air fan can fully modulate its speed as compared to a single stage, full on or off, device found on typical mid-efficiency boilers.

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The fully premixed condensing hot water boiler is commonly referred to as oil and gas fired boiler. The oil and gas hot water boiler equipment of ZBG adopts condensing technology, energy saving and high efficiency, plus its fuel belongs to clean energy, so the full premixed condensing gas hot water boiler is a typical environmental hot water boiler.

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Manufacturers today offer fully condensing hydronic boilers, often used for space or process heating. These use advanced heat exchangers, usually in series, to reduce the temperature of boiler exhaust below the condensing point, typically around 130 F (55 C ...

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CONDENSING BOILERS Condensing Boilers Reduce Heating Energy Consumption Heating accounts for roughly a third of total energy consumption in U.S. commercial buildings, with boilers supplying heat to 34.5% of total floor space.1 Considering GSA’s own reliance on boilers for heating, GSA’s GPG program recently assessed the performance

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High Efficiency Commercial Boiler Plant A BOILER FOR EVERY COMMERCIAL APPLICATION. Atlantic Boilers are proud to be a UK supplier with 40 years of engineering experience. Our product range includes electric boilers, fully condensing boilers, commercial hot water solutions and the energy efficient B100 bio-diesel boilers.

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Condensing Boilers Condensing boilers are water heaters fueled by gas or oil. They achieve high efficiency (typically greater than 90% on the higher heating value) by using waste heat in flue gases to pre-heat cold water entering the boiler. Water vapor produced during combustion is condensed into liquid form, which leaves the system via a drain.

How Condensing Boilers Work

How Condensing Boilers Work Many homeowners looking to save money on heating costs this year will have come across Condensing Boilers. Condensing boilers have much lower fuel running costs and higher efficiencies than standard efficiency boilers otherwise

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Investing in ultra high efficiency condensing boilers gives you outstanding performance, energy efficiency and savings. Recoup costs within 2 years. Boilertech supplies a range of ultra high efficiency fully condensing heating hot water boilers in the range of 120kW

BKBD Ltd – Ultratec High Efficiency Series

The package includes a high-efficiency fully modulating burner with a microprocessor touchscreen control system that gives the user a vast range of options. The boiler range includes 9 different models with outputs ranging from 0.5 to 10 MMBTU/hr (147 – 2930kW) that can be fired on Gas, Oil or Dual fuel.

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The ClearFire line of boilers includes hydronic models available from 400 to 12,000 MBTU in full-condensing and up to 2,400 MBTU in near-condensing hydronic boilers, and 10 to 60 HP commercial steam boilers to fit almost any application.

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DDR Americas Inc. markets near condensing and fully condensing boilers with the GT Eutectic Cast Iron boilers and the MCA PRO GAS Cast Aluminum condensing boilers. DDR Americas 1090 Fountain St. N., Unit 10, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada N3E 1A3 ...