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What to do if your boiler pipes freeze, plus how to defrost

What to do if your pipes are frozen. Thames Water advises people to take the following steps:. First, turn off your water stop tap by turning it clockwise; Then turn on all the cold taps in the ...

how do i unblock the condensate pipe ?

if you remove front panel you can see condensate trap at the very back on the left run hot water and see if condensate fills trap also if water is on right hand side near front copper pipe check auto air vent (small black plastic cap ) on top of the boiler brian March 2011

Boiler not working? How to fix a frozen boiler condensate pipe

If you don't have heat or hot water, a frozen boiler condensate pipe could be the problem. Here's how to thaw it and get everything working again.

How do I know that my condensate pipe is blocked

How do I know that my condensate pipe is blocked? There are 2 main indicators that your boilers condensate pipe may be blocked. 1. The boiler may make a gurgling sound when attempting to start.

Frozen pipe repairs advice for boilers by experts in Aberdeen

Locating the blockage – Locating the blockage is very important to help get your boiler back in working order. Blockages usually occur at the end of the pipe, in a bend, or where there is a dip in the pipe where condensate can collect.

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Unblock/clear sludge from condensate drainage pipe PVC

Unblock/clear sludge from condensate drainage pipe PVC. We need plumber to unblock/clear condensate drainage pipe [central heating] PVC from sludge NOTE These are not the central heating pipes themselves. The drain outlet on the boiler is standard 21.5mm (3/4”) overflow pipe. Our boiler is an Ideal Icos HE15 boiler

Blocked condensate pipe - HomeOwners' Hub

1/18/2013 · Woke up this morning with water dripping from my sabre boiler, took it apar t and found that water was somehow getting into the combustion chamber,chec ked condensate trap and it was empty ,stripped out condensate pipe back to the Condensing unit it was blocked solid with ash like grit, Condensing uni t itself was blocked as well and full of ...

New Installation, Condensate Pipe Blocked

Had a new boiler installed a couple of days ago and have had no end of trouble with it cutting out because of, it seems, a hell of a lot of gunk in the condensate pipe . Clearly the old boiler wasn't so sensitive to this but the new one is.

How do I check if my condensate pipe is blocked?

In Winter, your condensate pipe may freeze and become blocked. This can easily be fixed by using a hot water bottle, or pouring warm water over the pipe itself. For more information on this check out our ‘How to’ video on YouTube. If the weather is milder it may be worth checking where the condense pipe terminates for blockages such as leaves.

Frozen condensate pipes

11/1/2014 · Frozen condensate pipes 4/5 (1) / by admin on November 1, 2014 , No ... where the condensate drainage pipe has frozen and become blocked with ice. If this happens, the boiler will shut down and display a fault code. In the vast majority of cases, such problems occur where some of the condensate drainage pipe is located externally to the ...

How do I thaw the frozen (condensate) pipe from my boiler?

Never attempt to thaw a condensate pipe above waist level, or disconnect the condensate pipe in order to do so. Never attempt to access the condensate pipe or any other pipe work within the boiler. Beware of ice on the ground that will form from the water you have poured. If in any doubt, phone OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507.

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How to Fix a Frozen Condensate Pipe

Frozen boiler condensate pipes can be a frequent occurrence for UK homeowners during the icy winter months. Ideally, you should have the condensate pipe thawed-out by an engineer, but if that’s not convenient then here are some easy guidelines to remedy the problem yourself.


Control of water temperature Condensate Drain The boiler controls the central heating radiator temperature to a This appliance is fitted with a siphonic condensate trap system that maximum of 82 C, adjustable via the CH thermostat knob (B). reduces the risk of the appliance condensate from freezing.

heating - How can I prevent my HVAC condensate drain line

How can I prevent my HVAC condensate drain line from freezing? ... code. But I don't want to do that. To me, it would make more sense to insulate, heat, shorten, or widen the drain pipe so that it doesn't freeze. It's only a trickle of water. ... This will allow vapors to condensate inside the pipe where it is warm and drain to the condensate ...

How do I Thaw a Frozen Boiler Condensate Pipe?

10/18/2017 · The first option is to apply hot water from a suitable container, like a watering can, to the outside of the pipe itself. Don’t use boiling water to do this. If your boiler is out of use because of the frozen condensate pipe you can heat the water using a kettle or a microwave.

Frozen Combi-boiler condensate pipe - Solution ??

10/27/2011 · The pipe is a plastic corrogated pipe which is then in turn wrapped with a tight fabric and then plastic. This pipe then has to be run down the centre of a 40mm waste pipe direct from the boiler to a drain. I know this because i have fought with the product while fitting them for the last month.

Boiler packed up

12/29/2011 · This piece first broadcast on 29 Dec 2011. Televised on UK's national television BBC One. Program (Programme) -- Breakfast.

Advice on condensate pipe | Plumbing Advice

1/8/2010 · Advice on condensate pipe. Discussion in 'Central Heating Forum' started by Jas328sport, Dec 18, ... Once the pipe was removed it was easy to unblock by pouring hot water down it, then reconnect with a push fitting and lag the whole thing properly. ... what is a boiler condensate pipe for, boiler condensate drain size,

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See more of Durhams Heating Services on Facebook. Log In. or. ... It’s that time of year again... don’t get caught out in the cold, follow these simple instructions to unblock your frozen condensate pipes. ... Find out how to unfreeze the boiler condensate pipe.

How to unfreeze and unblock frozen pipes and avoid

3/2/2018 · How to unfreeze and unblock frozen pipes and avoid suffering from no hot water in your house. Follow these tips on getting your heating working - or avoid the boiler breaking down - as the ...


In KC model, anti-freeze function protects the domestic hot water system as well. When domestic hot water probe detects a temperature of 5 °C, the boiler ignites and stays on at minimum heat output until domestic hot water temperature reaches 10 °C or 15 minutes have elapsed (the deviating valve is set to domestic hot water position).

How to prevent your condensing boiler from freezing and

How to prevent your condensing boiler from freezing and what to do if it does. ... What should you do if your condensate boiler pipe freezes? If your boiler stops working in freezing weather, check your condensate waste pipe. ... Watch BeeXpress’s YouTube video showing you how to unfreeze a condensate pipe.

5 Common Faults of a Combi Boiler and Potential Fixes

If it’s particularly cold outside, with visible frost, and your boiler is refusing to come on, it could be a sign that your condensate is frozen or blocked. The Fix: First, go outside locate the condensate. If possible, try using a kettle of hot water to thaw it out. Next, remove the condensate pipe below the boiler and drain to a bucket.

Fondital Tahiti Boiler

fondital tahiti boiler - eftelinghotel.be. high water pressure in fondital boiler trouble shooting. Common Boiler Problems, Part 1: Low Water Conditions. The only thing that allows a boiler to withstand these furnace temperatures is the presence of water in or around (depending on whether the boiler is a fire tube or a water tube design) the

Broken boiler? What to do when pipes are frozen

3/2/2018 · Broken boiler? What to do when pipes are frozen - how to unfreeze them and avoid suffering from no hot water in your house. How to get your heating working - or avoid the boiler breaking down - …

blocked condensate trap? | Mend Home Heating Systems

blocked condensate trap? After reading a reponse to another question, I think the problem with my boiler is a blocked condensate trap. The boiler seems to not work whenever there are days of heavy rain. How do you repair a blocked condensate trap and does it have to be done by a qualified tradesman? caroline langford November 2010

How To Fix Frozen Condensate Pipes & Boiler Insulation

Main points from the video to help with frozen condensate pipes. The main discharge pipe from your boiler is known as the condensate pipe. If your condensate pipe freezes, it will force your boiler to shut down for safety reasons. Before attempting to thaw out your condensate pipe, check it is definitely frozen. Not just blocked.

Boiler Buoy Condensate Bypass Valve

The easily installed Boiler Buoy Condensate Bypass Valve has been designed to signal via a red ball a blockage in the boiler condensate pipe caused by external freezing. The Boiler Buoy Condensate Bypass Valve allows the heating engineer or householder to drain off the condensate in a controlled way using the valve connection and hose.

DrainKleen One Shot Condensate Drain Cleaner & Unblocker

DrainKleen one shot has been formulated specifically to clean and clear blockages found in condensate drains within ACR systems. It is a powerful liquid drain cleaner and is the ideal size to treat a single condensate drain.

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Great condensing boiler swindle: Anger as profiteering

10/16/2011 · Great condensing boiler swindle: Anger as profiteering British Gas charges £150 to fix freezing pipe fault. ... But in severe cold, the pipe freezes …

Radiant – – boilers and water heaters

All Radiant boilers come with pumps that have air eliminators built in. Your contractor will open the eliminator up to bleed the air out of your system. Cold water holds more air than hot water, so when first filled with cold water, the system contains a lot of dissolved air.