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It is an indicator for trackingday-to-day and season-to-season variations in boiler efficiency and energy efficiencyimprovements1.3 Performance Terms and Definitions1.4 ScopeThe procedure describes routine test for both oil fired and solid fuel fired boilers using coal,agro residues etc.

How much water is required to produce 1 kg of steam?

The mass won't change, so 1 kg of liquid water will form 1 kg of steam. Taking the density of water to be 1 g/cm³, you need 1 L of water to produce 1 kg of steam (in actual fact, you need a bit more, since water is not quite that dense).

Evaporation from Water Surface

Evaporation of water from a water surface - like a swimming pool or an open tank - depends on water temperature, air temperature, air humidity and air velocity above the water surface - online calculator

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These premium brand condensing natural gas boilers are for small to large-scale central heating and domestic hot water systems, and are some of the best boilers you can buy when it comes to performance and control, with eco

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The performance of a boiler may be measured in terms of its evaporative capacity also called power of a boiler. It is defined as the amount of water evaporated or steam produced in kg per hour. It may also be expressed in kg per kg of fuel burnt or kg/hr/m2 of heating surface. 2.1.1 Boiler Classifications

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Water Tube Boiler | Operation and Types of Water Tube Boiler. March 4, ... the system falls and consequently the convectional flow of water becomes faster which result in faster steam production rate. In this way the water tube boiler can control its own pressure. ... Wilcox boiler as high as 50,000kg per hour and pressure as high as 60kg/cm 2.


BLOWDOWN CALCULATION FOR BOILER This term is the most important term in boiler operation and monitoring. The parameters of the blow down are to be maintained for particular boiler. This is due to the fact that water inside


2. BOILERS Bureau of Energy Efficiency 27 Syllabus Boilers: Types, Combustion in boilers, Performances evaluation, Analysis of losses, Feed water treatment, Blow down, Energy conservation opportunities. 2.1 Introduction A boiler is an enclosed vessel that provides a means for combustion heat to be transferred into ...

How can I determine the mass flow rate of steam through a

I am going to send you a link which calculates the mass flow rate of the steam through a boiler and also there a procedure to show the calculation. here it is the website: ... at 1.5 Kg/cm2. I ...

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Absolute pressure The sum of the gauge and the atmospheric pressure. For instance, if the steam gauge on the boiler shows 9 kg/cm2g the absolute pressure of the steam is 10 kg/cm2(a). Atmospheric pressure The pressure due to the weight of the atmosphere. It is expressed in pounds per sq. in. or inches of mercury column or kg/cm2.


12/20/2016 · A 3 mm diameter hole in a pipe carrying 7 kg/cm2 steam would waste 32,650 litres ... Boiler Horse Power (BHP) – The evaporation of 34 ½ pounds of water per hour from a ... of water from the boiler in order to achieve an acceptable concentration of dissolved and suspended solids in the boiler water. Coal ...

Question is ⇒ Which of the following is a water tube

⇒ In locomotive boiler, maximum steam pressure is limited to 1 kg/cm2 5 kg/cm2 10 kg/cm2 18 kg/cm2 ⇒ Size of boiler tubes is specified by mean diameter and thickness inside diameter and thickness outside diameter and thickness outside diameter and inside diameter ⇒ Boiler H.P. is defined as the steam evaporation rate per kg of fuel fired

What is evaporative capacity of a boiler?

Evaporative capacity of a boiler can be expressed in terms of : kg of steam per hour; kg of steam per hour per square meter of heating surface (kg/h/m2) kg of steam per kg of fuel fired; Generally the output or Evaporative capacity of the boiler is given as kg of water evaporated per hour.

Performance Guarantee Test Assessment of CFBC Boiler

Performance guarantee test sessment is necessary as ... Superheated steam pressure at boiler main stop valve – 111 kg/cm2 3) Superheated steam temperature at boiler main steam stop valve ... Water evaporation rate = 5 kg/kg of coal . Coal burning rate = 120 kg /m. 2 /hr. So, it burn in 1m. 2 .

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A scotch marine boiler has a furnace volume of 45.5 cu. ft. if 3825.2 cu. ft. of natural gas is burned per hour and each contains 1100 Btu, what is the rate of combustion? Steam Boilers & Appurtenances, Combustion & Instrumentation Controls, Deaerators, Exhaust Systems, Heat

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All of Weil-McLain’s water-based residential gas water boilers are test fired at the factory, assuring the highest quality standards of operation and reliability. Our residential condensing boilers have the ability to supply lower water ...


Steam Boilers. For any of the following pieces of equipment, please click here to request more information.. 900,000 lb/hr Babcock & Wilcox Oil Fired Boiler. (converted from coal) Boiler capacity units 1 & 2, 900,000 lbs/hr, unit 3 - 875,000 lb/hr, unit 4 - 655,700 lb/hr. Design pressure units 1,2 & 3, 1500 psig, unit 4 - 1675 psig.

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(12,000 kg/hour) Low to medium steam pressures (18 kg/cm2) Operates with oil, gas or solid fuels The fire tube boiler, the oldest design, is made so the products of combustion pass through tubes surrounded by water in a shell. Fire Tube Boiler Fire Tube Boiler The fire tube boiler, the oldest design, is …

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particles on the heated surfaces 7. The boiler should conform to the safety regulations as laid down in the "Boilers Act" 20 Boiler Capacity Evaporation or equivalent evaporation per hour may be taken as a measure of boiler capacity. It is generally measured in tons or kg per hour. 21 Boiler Efficiency Efficiency of a boiler may be


This free Engineering essay on IMPROVE THE BOILER EFFICIENCY TO OPTIMIZE THE COMBUSTION OF COAL FIRED IN BOILER is perfect for Engineering students to use as an example. ... in which steam is produced by evaporation of water, at a nominated pressure and temperature, on application of heat is generated by firing fuel. ... 140 Kg/cm2 185 Kg/cm2 ...

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Selected questions Chapter 4.1: Boiler Short type questions 1. In the absence of steam flow meter, suggest a method by which steam quantity can be assessed in a boiler. Ans. The feed water flow into the boiler can be used

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Carbonisation of coal is the process of (a) pulverising coal in inert atmosphere (b) heating wood in a limited supply of air at temperatures below 300°C (c) strongly heating coal continuously for about 48 hours in the absence of air in a closed vessel (d) binding the pulverised coal into brick-ettes (e) enriching carbon in the coal. Ans: c 7.

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ENERGY PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT OF BOILERS ... = 7.54 kg / kg of coal Step – 6 to find all losses m x Cp x (Tf – Ta) 1. % Heat loss in dry flue gas (L1) = x 100 ... This is the maximum evaporation rate that can be sustained for 24 hours and may be less than a shorter duration maximum …

boiler heating surface standard per kg of steam

Pollution Control Guidelines for Conversion of Boiler. 2014-6-18 · The larger the heating surface a boiler has, the more efficient it becomes. The quantity of the steam produced is indicated in tons of water evaporated to steam per hour. Maximum continuous rating is the hourly evaporation that can be maintained for 24 hours.

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During long-term operation of steam boiler continuously, the steam generated per hour is called evaporation of this boiler. The common units of evaporation is t/h. How to Calculate Boiler Capacity | The modern design of a boiler means that there are a wide variety on the market, many of which have a range of capacities.

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Model2: SZS wate tube gas oil boiler 10-50Tons SZS series gas/oil fired water tube boiler, suitable for boiler need in 10t/h-50t/h. Adopts double drums "D-type" vertical arrangement, full-membrane wall structure, reasonable and

fire tube boiler capacity 3000 kgs/hr

Pre-tested and … Capacity. : 3,000 – 80,000 kg per hour. BOILERS | Fire tube boilers, typically have a lower initial cost, are more fuel efficient and easier to … are limited generally to capacities of 25 tons/hr and pressures of 17.5 kg/cm2. ….. If boiler evaporation rate is 3000 kg/hr then required blow down rate is

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Pyritic sulfur is the mineral pyrite which occurs in coal as dis- crete particles, although often of microscopic size. It is a heavy mineral which has a specific gravity of about 5.0, compared to coal which has a maximum specific gravity of only 1.7.

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PPT - Steam Generation, Distribution and Utilization . Quantity of fuel used per hour (q) in kg/hr. The working pressure (in kg/cm2(g)) and superheat It has coal fired FBC Boiler of 60 tph for steam at 60 kg/cm2 During the audit boiler efficiency evaluation was carried.

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Steam Boilers, Engines, Nozzles and Turbines Questions and Answers pdf free download for freshers and experienced mechanical engineering students.Mcqs. ... In locomotive boiler, maximum steam pressure is limited to (a) 1 kg/cm2 (b) 5 kg/cm2 (c) 10 kg/cm2 ... steam evaporation rate per kg …

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WNS Series Oil Gas Fire Tube Steam Boiler SZS Series oil gas Fired Water Tube Steam Boiler YY(Q)W Oil Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler DZL Series Coal Fired Chain Grate Steam Boiler SZL Series Coal Fired Water Tube Steam

How to Calculate Boiler Steam Flows

Use btu/hr (British thermal units/hour) heat input rate to calculate boiler steam flow. It takes 970.28 btu/hr to produce 1 pound of steam at the above conditions. If 50 million btu/hr are being applied to the boiler, divide by the 970.28-btu/lb to yield 51,531-lb/hr steam flow. This is an average industrial boiler.

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Essential Steam Boilers Objective Questions For Gate Exam Part – 2 1.Boiler H.P. is defined as the steam evaporation rate per kg of fuel fired work done in evaporating 1 kg of steam per hour from and at 100 C into dry saturated steam the evaporation of 15.65 kg of water per hour from and at ...

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10/6/2016 · Steam Boiler Types, Construction and Working Principle. ... Relatively small steam capacities(12,000 kg/hour). Low to medium steam pressures(18 kg/cm2). Operates with oil, gas or solid fuels. ... The boiler should generate maximum amount of steam at a required pressure and temperature and quality with minimum fuel consumption and expenses;