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2020/03/27 · For example, you may have a gas boiler but it could still be a combi, a sealed system boiler or a regular (open vent) boiler. In brief, a combi boiler combines heating and hot water into one single unit. This is one of their main

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Q1 a) Compare and contrast the construction and operating characteristics of a Fire Tube Boiler with those of a Water Tube Boiler. [5 marks] b) Why is boiler feed water pre-treatment necessary? [5 marks] ... Describe with the aid of a neat sketch a typical refrigeration circuit.


We have tried the carriage with twenty-five tons of iron, and found we were more than a match for that weight. The steam is delivered into the chimney above the damper. It makes the draught much stronger by going up the chimney.

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location of induced, forced and balanced draught fans using the neat sketches. 22. Explain the working of fire tube and water tube boilers, in reference with Lancashire, Locomotive and ‘Babcock and Wilcox boiler’, with neat sketches. 23. What is the basic difference between boiler mountings and accessories? Draw a neat labeled sketch

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The steam capacity doesn't seem to be sufficient to supply all the fully open control valves. First of all recalculate the control valves. Over-sized control valves are very common cause of problems. Boiler Questions and Answers

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1/30/2017 · Fluidized Bed Combustion is the ignition of a solid fuel under the conditions mentioned above.. We, At Thermodyne, Boiler Manufacture in India, We design and manufacture Boilers with Bubbling Fluidized Bed Combustion (BFBC) Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion (CFBC).; Bubbling FBC is used for Fuels with lower heating values such as Rice Husk.. Under such sort, the main factors …

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Fire tube boiler The design and arrangement of both the types is just the opposite. In water tube boilers, the feed water passes through the tubes and the hot gases are made to pass over them, while in fire tube boilers, the hot gases passes through the tubes and the feed water surrounds them.

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Explain the water tube boiler and fire tube boiler with 11. neat sketch. (13) BTL4 Analyze Illustrate the principle involved in preparation of coal 12. and what are the methods of preparation? (13) BTL3 Apply Discuss 13. the different types of cooling towers? Explain with a neat sketch. (13) BTL2 Understand 14. Examine the reheat system and ...

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model steam boiler | Gumtree Australia Free Local Office Leva 1 Grp EB-61 PID Dual Feed 2 Boiler Item No. C1LEVA2BT Compact Semi-Automatic espresso coffee machine with 1 EB-61 grouphead with lever, inbuilt manual fill water tank and dual boiler system: one boiler for steam, hot water and to pre-heat the water entering to the boiler.

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2017-11-1 · Wilcox boiler Babcock and Wilcox is a water-tube boiler is an Cochran Boiler Explain with neat sketch working and construction of diesel steam boiler | Industrial Boiler–Zhengzhou Boiler diesel steam boiler Fire Tube Boiler, Water Tube Boiler, CFB Boiler, cochran smoke tube boiler sketch. 19 Apr, 2016. Get Support Or Price

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Q5 a) Compare and contrast the construction and operating characteristics of a Fire Tube Boiler with those of a Water Tube Boiler. [5 marks] b) Why is boiler feed water pre-treatment necessary. [5 marks] ... Q6 a) Describe with the aid of a neat sketch a typical refrigeration circuit.

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9/17/2013 · - This video provides an overview of how to perform Critical Path Method (CPM) to find the Critical Path and Float using a Net...

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2019/06/13 · Sitong Boiler provides various models of water tube 8t/h industrial boilers how they work and hot water that necessary to the brewery.50t/h sawdust fueled boiler for yarn mill – High …0.5t/h sawdust fueled boiler for yarn mill

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A boiler is an enclosed vessel that provides a means for combustion and transfers heat to water until it becomes hot water or steam. The hot water or steam under pressure is then usable for transferring the heat to a process.

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2012/04/11 · Dry sawdust burns wonderfully well—sometimes even with a blue flame—and is entirely smokeless. It does give off some fumes, however, and the room where the stove is in use must be well ventilated. To load the burner, insert

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biomass sawdust burner boiler – Industrial Coal Fire 2016-11-24 · Industrial biomass sawdust burner is widely used to connect with gas/oil/coal boiler industry (steam boiler, thermal oil furnace, hot water boiler, biomass boiler), smelting industry (aluminum melting furnace, reverberatory furnace), drying industry (food drying, sawdust/wood …

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3/4/2020 · Fire tube boiler is one of the most basic types of boiler and the design is also very old. It was popular in 18 th century. It was mainly used for steam locomotive engines. Operation of Fire Tube Boiler. Operation of fire tube boiler is as simple as its construction. In fire tube boiler, the fuel is burnt inside a furnace.The hot gases produced in the furnace then passes through the fire tubes.

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Differentiate water tube boilers with fire tube boilers. With neat sketch explain the working of closed cycle gas turbine plant. Explain the working of a Once through boiler with the help of neat sketch. A 4500 kW gas turbine generating set operates with two compressors stages; the overall 12 pressure ratio is 9:1.

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Fire-tube boiler | Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki . 2014-4-21·The fire-tube boiler developed as the third of the four major historical types of boilers: low-pressure tank or "haystack" boilers, flued boilers with one or two large flues, fire-tube boilers with many small tubes, and high-pressure water-tube boilers.

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Describe the function of high presure boiler with neat sketc. Click here 👆 to get an answer to your question Describe the function of high presure boiler with neat sketch 1 Log in Join now 1 Log in Join now Secondary School Physics 13 points Describe the function of high presure boiler by . Contact us

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(1 ) Explain Working of following boiler with neat sketch: a) Cochran boiler b) B abcock and Wilcox boiler c) Lancashire boiler (2 ) G ive difference between fire tube (C ochran) and water tube (B abcock Wilcox) boiler.

Vertical boiler with horizontal fire-tubes

A vertical boiler with horizontal fire-tubes is a type of small vertical boiler, used to generate steam for small machinery. It is characterised by having many narrow fire-tubes, running horizontally.. Boilers like this have been widely used on ships as either auxiliary or donkey boilers. Smaller examples, particularly the Robertson type have been used for steam wagons.

How to generate steam in the water tube of a boiler

A stable steam film between the tube wall and the water in the tube can let the tube get so hot that it will burn out .... which can be potentially disastrous. Anyhow, in a circulating boiler part of the water (say about 1 part in 5 to 8) becomes steam in the tube and the rest remains water.

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(a) Describe in detail the working principle of any high pressure boiler with neat and clean diagrams. (b) Explain with neat sketch the working of any fire tube boiler.

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- Fire-tube boilers and shell or tank boiler, in which furnace gases pass through the tubes, these tubes being surrounded by water which is to be evaporated. - Water-tube boilers, in which furnace gases pass over the external surface of the tubes through which water is circulated. Boilers may be further classified according to the following :

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Comparison Between Fire Tube and Water Tube Boiler

Comparison between Fire Tube and Water Tube Boiler can be done in 14 aspects. Those aspects are operating pressure, passage of material type in tubes, rate of steam generation, handling of load fluctuation, floor area requirement, efficiency, operator skills, design, maintenance cost are listed below in the tabular form.

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Steam Boilers Boilertech provides unattended and automatic steam boilers customised for your needs in the range of 10kW to 50,000kW. Our products are designed to provide the highest quality of service and the most cost effective

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Cochran boiler with neat sketch. 7 b) State the differences between the following boilers. i) Internally fired and Externally fired. ii) Water Tube and Fire Tube. iii) Forced circulation and Natural circulation. OR 6 2. a) Write the functions of the following devices with neat sketch. i) Blow-off cock. ii) Air preheater. 7

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The boiler consists of a shell, a tube sheet on each end of the shell, and tubes connecting the two tube sheets. The boiler is mounted above a steel or masonry furnace. The products of combustion leave the furnace and are directed through the tubes at one end of the boiler.


Define boiler. Differentiate between Water tube boiler & fire tube boiler with the help of neat sketch. Boilers are classified based on the principle of working as: o Fire tube boilers and o Water tube boilers. Fire Tube Boiler: o The hot flue gases produced by the combustion of fuels are passed through a tube as shown in Fig. o o

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Jul 17, 2017 · Most split-system air conditioner units, the most common type found in modern homes, measure the output based upon tons. Converting the home's BTUs to tons is a matter of dividing the square footage calculation by 12,000. A 1,650 square foot house, when divided properly, equates to approximately 3.5 tons.