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Flue gas dampers are installed in the connection pipe between a boiler and the chimney and close the flue gas path, if the chimney is no longer in use. The flow safeguard prevents the cooling down of the heat generator and the plant room, which helps to save energy.

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The first flue damper was patented by Mr. Diermayer in 1934 and then manufactured and marketed by Kutzner + Weber. Diermayer thermal dampers were the first flue dampers but it was not until 1973 that the application range was extended with a motor-actua-ted version. Thermal flue dampers These are largely maintenance-free and operate fully ...

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vent dampers are only to be installed by qualified technicians. only ONE appliance can be controlled by ONE vent damper; if a furnace and water heater share a common flue, vent dampers must be installed BEFORE the flues join together. only use a vent damper on appliances with a draft hood/diverter

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The most common retrofit is the addition of a vent (or flue) damper. A vent damper prevents chimney losses by closing off a boiler's vent when the boiler isn't firing. Steam boilers benefit from vent dampers more than hot water boilers, and bigger boilers benefit more than smaller ones.

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The system has over-pressure protection, so if excessive pressure builds up between the boiler outlet and the damper, the boiler will be shut down and the damper will open completely to relieve the pressure. Any errors detected during operation are shown on the digital display screen.

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Exhaust Draft Control Introduction. Boilers must maintain a proper flue draft for efficient combustion; too little draft can result in condensation, CO formation, flue gas spillage, and soot formation. Too much draft results in lost thermal energy from the boiler and higher electrical usage by the vent fan.

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Fitting a flue damper is an excellent way to improve the efficiency of your boiler. All boilers which burn fuel need to be vented which will allow the fumes to escape without building up and causing danger to people inside the house. The problem is that heat will be lost through the chimney if it is ...


FLUE GAS RECIRCULATION SYSTEMS FOR STOKER BOILERS Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) is a patented combustion modification process for stoker-fired boilers that will increase boiler efficiency and steaming capacity, while at the same time reduce particulates, stack opacity and NOx emissions. Emissions of sulfur oxides (SOx) can also be

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Re: vent damper breakdowns; Author: steveplumbing (NY) thanks, again nh mentioned oil burner but I assume it's the same for a gas boiler. the boiler is the only thing served by the damper though the hot water heater flue joins the boiler flue on the chimney side of the damper.

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31/03/2020 · A fire damper that is exposed to a boiler flue would need to be sophisticated enough to know the difference between a hot flue and an overheated flue.. An interlock that would interrupt the fuel source feeding the boiler would most likely be a requirement and could negate the need for a damper. All boilers should be so equipped. Nothing beats a rated shaft. #14 ICE, …

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Flue – Wikipedia. 2018-10-18 · A flue is a duct, pipe, or opening in a chimney for conveying exhaust gases from a fireplace, furnace, water heater, boiler, or generator to the outdoors.

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In collaboration with Amm-tech, Hanwel offers a wide range of high-end flue gas dampers. We supply butterfly dampers, (multi-)louvre dampers, guillotine dampers, bypass dampers and custom-made dampers for flue gas. By offering different forms of designs, dimensions and materials, we are able to offer tailored solutions for any application.

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3/28/2014 · bad gas boiler vent damper. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.


Boiler U. WARE's state of the art facility in Louisville, KY, complete with a sixty seat lecture hall, cafeteria, thirty two seat classroom and a lab with four fully-operational boilers provides the ultimate hands on training.

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Damper sizes are generally called out using height by ... and boiler flue exhaust. They open when airflow (differential pressure) is present and closes when there is no differential. Mixing Sets of modulating control dampers that operate ... Dampers and Actuators Catalog.

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In looking at my flue temp recently, and realizing how cold it got for just a few minutes with the fluebox open...i've started giving more thought to the idea electric flue makes perfect sense, keep the hot air in and the cold air out ..

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Improves gas boiler efficiency. Keeps cold air out, warm air in. The Gas Vent Damper works automatically to allow natural draft during appliance operation while preventing residual appliance heat and conditioned air from escaping during off cycles. It also prevents the infiltration of cold air during down drafts.

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FLUE DAMPER - 7" Lochinvar DRH2937 FLUE DAMPER 100141553, 225 & 270. Used in the following models: CB 180, CB 215, CP 180, CP 199, CW 180, CW 199, CW 225, RB 225, RW 225, RB 270, RW 270


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Weil-McLain 510-512-337 - Automatic Vent Damper Motor Operator, 24V - Weil McLain automatic vent damper motor operator with molex connector, 24V, for boiler …

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Burnham Boiler / Burnham Boiler 6" VENT DAMPER; Burnham Boiler 6" VENT DAMPER. Email a Friend Add to Favorites View Larger Part Number: 8116323 Burnham Boiler; 2.32 Qty : Add to Cart Description: Burnham Boiler 6" VENT DAMPER. © 2014 WARE, INC. | 4005 Produce Road | …

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Clean the Boiler Flue. Follow all the manufacture's instructions for using the flue solvent. Remove or open the roof damper. Use the flashlight to get an accurate view of the inside of the flue. With the flue brush and extensions, lower the flue brush into the flue pipe, brush the inside of the pipe in a clockwise motion, then a counter ...

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required draught to allow the flue gases to escape freely to the atmosphere. The use of a fan may be required. The appropriate fan controller should also be specified at the design stage. (The flue must be capable of removing the flue gases if the power or fan fails). The boiler manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed.

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Consequently, boiler flue dampers from our production facility are guaranteed to last a long time, while offering optimal performance for your boiler system. Dependable boiler flue dampers. Boiler flue dampers have to be able to withstand tough conditions, certainly when it comes to temperatures.

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By shutting off the vents when the boiler is not firing, you can help retain heat inside the house. As long as you can access the duct work, you can easily install a boiler vent damper. A vent damper will typically only cost a few hundred dollars to install but it will offer many benefits.

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The damper blade is in the flue vent stream. Hot flue gases heat the damper motor shaft cooking the motor. Other times, the blade gets hung up, either on an out-of-round flue pipe or on a misplaced screw. The motor cannot overcome this and the …

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Automatic Flue Dampers. When a gas-fired furnace or water heater is operated in a home or other building, room air is drawn through the furnace or heater to help burn the gas. The warm exhaust gases are then vented up a flue pipe through the roof.

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A barometric damper is a great solution. High draft will pull the flue gases too quickly through a boiler, not allowing the heat to be transferred into the boiler. The barometric damper is installed in the flue between the boiler and the chimney. It is set for the desired draft conditions using weights and adjustment screws.

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The most common retrofit is the addition of a vent (or flue) damper. A vent damper prevents chimney losses by closing off a boiler's vent when the boiler isn't firing. Steam boilers benefit from vent dampers more than hot-water boilers, and bigger boilers benefit more than smaller ones.

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D896 Automatic Vent Damper APPLICATION The D896 Automatic Vent Damper is a 24 Vac, motorized stack damper. The damper closes off the furnace or boiler stack during the heating off-cycle. Use the D896 only on Underwriters Laboratories Inc. listed and American Gas Association design certified atmospheric type, gas-fired furnaces and boilers. The ...