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Regenerative heat exchanger

A regenerative heat exchanger, or more commonly a regenerator, is a type of heat exchanger where heat from the hot fluid is intermittently stored in a thermal storage medium before it is transferred to the cold fluid. To accomplish this the hot fluid is brought into contact with the heat storage medium, then the fluid is displaced with the cold ...

9-54 A cogeneration plant is to generate power and process heat

10-70 A cogeneration plant modified with regeneration is to generate power and process heat. The mass flow rate of steam through the boiler for a net power output of 15 MW is to be determined. Assumptions 1 Steady operating conditions exist. 2 Kinetic and potential energy changes are negligible. Analysis From the steam tables (Tables A-4, A-5 ...

Engineering Thermodynamics: Problems and Solutions, Chapter-9

The boiler generates steam at 7 MPa, 540 o C at a rate of 9 kg/s, and the condenser pressure is 14 kPa. Steam leaves the process heater as saturated liquid. It is then mixed with the feedwater at the same pressure and this mixture is pumped to the boiler pressure.

Steam Flow Control In Reboiler - Process Heat Transfer

Steam Flow Control In Reboiler - posted in Process Heat Transfer: I have a reboiler in my unit where the LP stream has no control valve. The Condensate line also has no control valve. The condensate is collected in a pot whose level is controlled through a level ...

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If the steam generation system is not working seamlessly, power production is entirely affected technically and economically. When a steam generation system requires repairs, the entire plant is forced to be shut down. The ultimate result is loss of revenue.

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As a worldwide leader in industrial steam boiler manufacturing, Miura America Co., Ltd. specializes in innovative low NOx modular steam technology. Settled in the rolling hills of Rockmart, Georgia, the exceptional men and women of Miura America craft the most ...

Why is atomization with steam done in oil-fired boilers?

Fuel is atomized so that it will readily mix with the air and burn fully and quickly. If you shot a solid stream of fuel into a boiler, it would take a long time for all that fuel to burn completely, if you could get it to do so.

Steam Flow Control In Reboiler

Steam Flow Control In Reboiler - posted in Process Heat Transfer: I have a reboiler in my unit where the LP stream has no control valve. The Condensate line also has no control valve. The condensate is collected in a pot whose level is controlled through a level control valve.

Indirect Estimation of Leakage Distribution in Steam Boiler

The method proposed permits one to evaluate leakage distributions within steam boiler rotary regenerators. In principle, the method is based on a gas flow diagram of the regenerator, where gas streams are arranged into a network in which the corresponding mass flow rates are governed by pressure drops in the seals and matrix rotation.


The first successful economizer design was used to increase the steam-raising efficiency of the boilers of stationary steam engines.It was patented by Edward Green in 1845, and since then has been known as Green's economizer.It consisted of an array of vertical cast iron tubes connected to a tank of water above and below, between which the boiler's exhaust gases passed.

Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)

The heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) provides the thermodynamic link between the gas turbines and steam turbines in a combined-cycle power plant. Each HRSG solution is custom-engineered to meet your desired operating flexibility and performance requirements.

Heat recovery steam generator

A heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) is an energy recovery heat exchanger that recovers heat from a hot gas stream. It produces steam that can be used in a process (cogeneration) or used to drive a steam turbine (combined cycle

Steam Regenerator Pure Steam Generator

1. Steam regenerator without accessories. 2. Steam regenerator with all accessories (supplied but not mounted). 3. Steam regenerator equipped with all accessories, com-pletely mounted on a base frame. Heating steam Feedwater Pure steam Condensate Continuous / intermittent boiler blowdown

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Over the years, we have been involved in supplying Regenerator Reboiler.These Re-boiler Heat Exchangers are fabricated using superior grade raw material that is procured from authentic vendors of the market. Furthermore, these are tested on well defined ...

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The temperature of the flue gases leaving the regenerator is usually between 300 and 600°C, and can be used to recover steam. Capturing the waste heat can be done before the flue gas cleaning (with subsequent cleaning) or after gas cleanup (Worrell et al., 2008. p.60).

Model Steam Boiler Construction

In response to a request from a viewer of my Steam Plant video, I have made a slide show of some of the construction photos taken during the scratch build of my steam boiler.

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Best Price for Unfired Steam Generators in Itimat Boiler Company Steam generation without waste The steam requirement of the businesses using hot oil in their networks as heating fluid is provided economically with a unfired steam generator (hot oil/vapor

Steam Boiler: Combined Cycle Power Plant

Regenerator difficult to serve high flow rate. To avoid the matters above, utilization exhaust gases from gas turbine is with HRSG boiler . This can be clearly understood, where the exhaust gases from gas turbine are still contain relatively high energy, which can be utilized as energy source for steam cycle.

function of regenerator in gas turbine power plant

3/8/2019 · An alternative regenerator configuration has been improved by (Dallenback,P.A.,2002) through improving the efficiency of gas turbine,2005) … Open Cycle Regenerator Gas Turbine Power Plant Engineering Essay A performance analysis and optimization of an open cycle regenerator gas turbine power-plant is to be performed.

Regenerative Cycle - an overview

For a regenerator assumed to have an effectiveness of 80%, the adiabatic thermal efficiency of the regenerative cycle is about 40% higher than its counterpart in the simple cycle, as shown in Figure 2-13.The work output per pound of air is about the same or slightly ...

Solved: An Ideal Rankine Cycle With An Open-feedwater-heat

An ideal Rankine cycle with an open-feedwater-heater regenerator operates the boiler at 5 MPa, the regenerator at 150 kPa, and the condenser at 50 kPa. At the boiler outlet, the temperature is 500°C. What percentage of the mass flow rate passing through the boiler is bled from the turbine?

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The second design uses a refractory lined combustion chamber where oxidation of CO occurs. The resulting flue gas is then sent to a box type boiler where 100% of the heat transfer occurs via convection. This approach allows the unit to operate at higher turndown and provides steam production flexibility.

Rankine Cycle with Regeneration

Rankine Cycle with Regeneration Our Purpose In thermodynamic power cycles, an improvement of even 0.5% in overall cycle efficiency is an important gain. One of the more common ways to improve the efficiency of a steam cycle is to use regeneration, a process ...

Steam Generator versus Steam Boiler

A steam boiler delivery exactly what is being consumed in the system The steam boiler is always set for a specific steam pressure, and the operation of the steam boiler is solely controlled by means of this steam pressure set point. The consumer in the system calls for steam by the decreasing steam pressure since too much steam is condensed at ...

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Pitting of boiler metal may be prevented by a) heating the boiler feed water to between 80 and 105 degrees Celsius before it enters the boiler b) cooling the feed water to between 4 and 16 degrees Celsius c) the addition of sodium chloride to the feed water d) agitating the feed water before it enters the boiler

What is the difference between a steam boiler and a steam

What is the difference between a steam boiler and a steam generator? Steam Boiler: Water convert into steam by boiling at sub-critical pressures, the steam-generating equipment system is called a "Steam Boiler" Steam Generator: Water Convert into steam without boiling at super-critical pressures, the equipment system is called "Steam Generator".


Proper reboiler operation is vital to effective distillation. In a typical classical distillation column, all the vapor driving the separation comes from the reboiler. The reboiler receives a liquid stream from the column bottom and may partially or completely vaporize that stream. Steam usually provides the heat required for the vaporization.

Steam Generator Boiler

DATA BELOW Only shown for vertical models (up to 1,000 kg/h). For horisontal models up to 3,000 kg/h - see brochure (pdf) below : Stand-alone steam boiler complete

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en A technique for recovering heat from a high temperature effluent stream from catalyst regeneration or the like, comprising processes and means for: (a) passing the effluent stream in heat exchange relationship in a steam generator with boiler feed water to produce high pressure steam and partially cool the effluent stream; (b) passing the partially cooled effluent stream from the steam ...

What is Regenerative Heat Exchanger

2019/06/04 · Regenerative Heat Exchanger In general, the heat exchangers used in regeneration may be classified as either regenerators or recuperators. Regenerator (Regenerative Heat Exchanger) is a type of heat exchanger where heat from the hot fluid is intermittently stored in a thermal storage medium before it is transferred to the cold fluid.

Boiler and Condenser Pressures

Boiler and Condenser Pressures. As in the Carnot, Otto and Brayton cycle, the thermal efficiency tends to increase as the average temperature at which energy is added by heat transfer increases and/or the average temperature at which energy is rejected decreases. This is the common feature of all thermodynamic cycles. Condenser Pressure